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We offer assistance with a range of finance options through specialist broker Kiwi Car Loans, giving you access to multiple lenders with competitive interest rates, many of who are not easily accessible elsewhere. 




We offer  extended warranties through specialist broker Kiwi Car Loans, giving you access to multiple warranty providers. 

Prices with a $250 excess will typically be around

1 year - $1395.00

2 year - $1595.00

3 year - $1795.00



We are car enthusiasts, pure and simple. In today’s society where we are encouraged to buy more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly cars, a Camaro puts excitement back into owning and driving a car. They are muscle cars pure and simple,  that make heads turn wherever you drive!

Despite expectations, a Camaro is not high a maintenance car and the cost of ownership is likely to be much lower than you may expect.  It is a car that offers excitement and individuality in a package that can be maintained by any reputable dealer throughout the country (ask us for details). Camaros have one of the lowest depreciation rates of any modern car available, making the true cost of ownership of a Camaro very affordable.

We have established Canterbury Camaros to source high quality cars, specifically Generation 5 & 6 Camaros, from the United States. We only deal in genuine left hand drive vehicles that retain their original character. These cars have not been stripped down, rebuilt and heavily modified in Australia after they have left the factory. There have been questions raised about the safety of these modified vehicles following their conversions to right hand drive.

All our cars are throughly checked in the States prior to our purchase. Included are checks for stolen vehicles, damage, re-registration, money owing, service history and any outstanding recall notices. We ensure all our cars have a clear title. Many cars in the States sustain damage, including thousands that are water damaged each year, and are written off. Many of these cars are subsequently repaired and re-registered, often in another state. These cars are often sold well below normal market value. Consequently if you see a newly imported Camaro for sale priced below average we strongly advise checking it very throughly. If you are unsure of a cars history we can assist with researching a vehicle prior to it having left the US.

Our cars are generally no older than 2012 models and as new as just six months.


The older vehicles are typically higher specification or otherwise interesting cars such as the supercharged ZL1 models, that have been extremely well looked after with no apparent damage. Any modifications must be of a high standard or be factory fitted options.


The newer cars will typically not be the highest specification but will be well priced with low mileage, making them ideal cars for our clients to use as their everyday transport. 


Buying a newly imported Camaro is different to buying a car imported from Japan. Camaros fall into a special category that is limited to just 500 cars per year starting on January 1 each year. When those 500 permits are issued there are no more available until January 1 the following year.


The car cannot be pre-registered, it must be processed through compliance and registered in the new owners name. The new owner can only register one new import every 2 years and must own the car for 4 years before being able to resell it. 

Canterbury Camaros handles all the export documentation from the U.S. shipping, import documentation into N.Z, MAF clearance prior to advertising the car for sale. Once you have purchased the car we arrange compliance and registration on your behalf. This is all included in the price of the vehicle. 

Once you have purchased a car it may not be ready for you to pick up for another couple of weeks (or more) depending on the wait time for LTSA and compliance.